FIRST: Enter to/from class, weight and dimensions, your delivery requirements and click ‘Rate It’

SECOND: Compare quotes from our top contract carriers, add optional services (i.e. accessorials) and select your preferred carrier and rate

THIRD: Review your pricing and timing, modify as needed, Print, Send or Post your BOL and let ShipRite takeover from here!


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ShipRite provides simplicity, speed and a trusted carrier network – our step–by–step technology provides you with efficient and cost-effective alternatives to support your requirements, even with the most complicated shipping requirements. Experience the time–tested performance of ShipRite, and join the industry leader for shipping solutions.

Simplicity, speed and a trusted carrier network. Since 1997, we have led the way with automated logistics solutions – with our ShipRite technology, whether an experienced freight professional or a novice to transportation services, we provide instant quotes, step you through our Bill of Lading booking process, dispatch your shipment and provide 24/7 tracking access from pick–up to delivery.

So, do-it-yourself, or call one of our Customer Account Specialists at (877) 991-3121 to book your shipment tod