Experience. Leverage. Technology.

A Powerful Partner to Support Your Shipping Needs.

Since 1997, Capital Transportation Solutions LLC (‘CTS’) has been a trusted logistics partner with decades of industry knowledge. CTS fills the gap when transportation expertise is required, but current economic realities preclude the overhead expense associated with traditional freight management departments in business operations nationwide. We handle over one million shipments annually for our diverse customer base of manufacturers, distributors, retailers and intermediaries across all industry categories.

Leverage & Experience
As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Odyssey Logistics & Technology, Inc., CTS combines with our affiliated companies to provide leveraged solutions for your total transportation needs. We manage materials and goods with a total product value in excess of $60 billion, and support our customers’ shipping requirements between 185,000 origins and destinations across more than 150,000 global transportation lanes each year.

What We Do
We manage every aspect of the logistics supply chain – from inbound sourcing and delivery logistics through outbound shipment, handling, consolidation, deconsolidation, distribution and delivery of end products. Services range from truck, rail and multimodal transportation to freight forwarding, customs brokerage, and import and export services across borders and between North America and ports throughout the world.

Key to Success
Our success is primarily based on our market leverage, attracting top contract carriers who provide exceptional rates, combined with our powerful suite of proprietary technology, providing efficient tool for customers to quote, book, ship and track shipments from inception to delivery. And, a robust reporting and analysis tool to help you understand and maximize your freight expense across all modes of transportation.

How We Can Help
With our user-friendly ShipRite system, business professionals have anytime, anywhere access to online quotes, managed pricing, order placement, shipment management and consolidated invoicing. no matter how you decide to partner with us, be it all or part of your freight requirements, ShipRite provides the tools you need to efficiently manage transportation costs and effectively support your shipping requirements.